Antoine Félix Bürcher
The work of Antoine Félix Bürcher (*1999, Zurich <-> Lausanne) is interdisciplinary, conceptual and materializes through sculptures, in-situ installations, texts, videos, and performances, always with a focus on the sculptural. Antoine Félix Bürcher imagines a non-linear aesthetic of time through the experience of matter, collaborating with it in a symbiotic relationship of expression. He co-founded the online off-space in 2020. His work has been displayed in several group and solo exhibitions in Switzerland and Europe: BIG Biennale (Geneva) with One Gee in Fog, B74 Raum für Kunst (Lucern), Mock Jungle (Bologna), Danuser & Ramirez gallery (London), OnCurating (Zurich), Cabaret Voltaire (Zürich), Plattform23 (Espace Arlaud, Lausanne)